Defender of Stalin’s Legacy. Xi Jinping strengthens his power in China after the party congress

A crucial congress of the ruling Communist Party of China was held in Beijing on October 22.

Xi Jinping was confirmed as China’s leader for an unprecedented third term after a week-long political meeting eliminated key rivals and consolidated his political power in China.

Xi Jinping was confirmed as China’s leader for the third term

The ruling Communist Party of China strengthened President Xi Jinping’s status at the congress.

Changes the party made to its charter define Xi as the party’s “supreme” leader and his ideas as the guiding principles of China’s coming development. “Two guarantees” reaffirm Xi’s “primary” status in the Party and the Party’s centralized authority over China.

“Development of fighting spirit, strengthening of fighting ability” is the second amendment Xi introduced into his party’s constitution, which, for the first time in history, included in its charter a call to confront and restrain separatists seeking Taiwanese independence.

Xi Jinping previously said that the war is unacceptable, as it threatens the development of all humanity. He remarked that China supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

But almost at the same time, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbing said that China condemns the sanctions imposed by the European Union and Great Britain against Iran for supplying them with shock drones to Russia.

Xi Jinping strengthens his power in China

The new Party Central Committee has 205 members. Analysts believe that the influential Politburo Standing Committee will include people close to Xi Jinping.

This is highlighted by the absence of departing Premier Li Keqiang and former Guangdong Party chief Wang Yang, who was considered a possible Premier replacement.

This was also demonstrated by an incident that took place at the congress on Saturday, when Hu Jintao, the previous Chinese president, was escorted off the stage while seated next to the current leader.

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“This is a leadership that will focus on achieving Xi’s policy goals rather than pursuing their own goals for what they think is best for the country,” said Drew Thompson, a senior fellow at Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew National University School of Public Policy. “There is only one right way to govern, and that is the C way.”

Threat of a more authoritarian approach and unpredictable decisions

A totalitarian country has created a long-standing leader with total power who has nuclear weapons, a huge military and economic potential, and crazy ideas in his hands. 
His recent actions with the expulsion of former Chinese President Hu Jintao from the parliamentary hall and the threat to Taiwan by military force show his intentions to rule the state with an authoritarian approach, which in turn could bring unpredictable decisions and lead to another war and destabilization of the world.

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