Zelensky: China helps Russia put pressure on countries not to participate in Peace Summit

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky accuses China of pressuring other countries not to participate in the upcoming Peace Summit in Switzerland, which aims to achieve a just peace and end the war in Ukraine.

Zelensky said this at a press conference at the Shangri-La Defense Forum in Singapore, AP reported.

“Regarding China, they have not confirmed their presence at any level… The United States has contacts with some states and encourages them to participate in the Peace Summit. China, unfortunately, on the contrary, is working today to prevent countries from coming to the Peace Summit. There is a big difference between these two positions,” Zelenskyy emphasized.

Russia is using Chinese influence to disrupt the Peace Summit – Zelensky

The Ukrainian President believes that by taking these actions, China is helping Russia’s efforts to disrupt the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

“Russia is using Chinese influence in the region and Chinese diplomats to disrupt the Peace Summit. Unfortunately, it is unfortunate that such a large, independent, and powerful country as China is a tool in Putin’s hands.”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In January 2024, Kyiv invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend a planned Peace Summit of world leaders in Switzerland. China was absent from the November 2023 Peace Summit in Malta. Switzerland also asked China to participate in the Global Peace Summit.

China refused to participate in Peace Summit

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry said that the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland does not meet all the criteria that Beijing puts forward for such platforms, which is why it is “unlikely” to be represented there. Beijing emphasized that Beijing insists on Russia’s participation in the event.

As you know, China has close ties with Russia and refrains from criticizing its invasion of Ukraine. Western governments have repeatedly accused the Chinese government of providing Russia with assistance for the war efforts. At the same time, Beijing has offered its assistance in a peaceful settlement.

Recently, Zelensky called on world leaders, including China and the United States, to attend the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

Peace Summit in Switzerland

On February 26, Switzerland announced its intention to hold a summit on peace in Ukraine by the summer.

Switzerland hosts this year the Peace Summit, which intends to find a solution for the Russia-Ukraine war, which started with a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The Kremlin said that organizing such an event without Russia was “not serious and even ridiculous.”

On March 18, Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland Wang Shihting said that China is considering participating in the peace summit organized by Switzerland at Ukraine’s request.

In May, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called on the leaders of countries, including China and the United States, to take part in the event.

On May 2, the Swiss Foreign Ministry said that Russia should take part in the Peace Summit, as “a peace process without Russia is unthinkable.” Russia, the aggressor in this war, was not invited to the event this year.

Switzerland stated that the Russian Federation should participate in the Peace Summit, as “a peace process without Russia is unthinkable,” but not this year.

Summit’s goals and Ukraine’s Peace Formula

According to the Swiss statement, the overarching objective of the summit is to inspire a future peace process. To achieve this, the summit intends to:

  • Provide a platform for dialogue on ways towards a comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine based on international law and the UN Charter;
  • Promote a common understanding of a possible framework to reach this goal;
  • Jointly define a roadmap on how to involve both parties in a future peace process.

“Peace Formula” was presented in November at the G20 summit in Bali by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He introduced a 10-point document to restore peace in Ukraine. The European Union Foreign Affairs Council endorsed Ukraine’s Formula for Peace and said it would promote it globally.

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