Biden in Warsaw declared unwavering support for Ukraine

The President of the US Joe Biden talks in Poland on the same day that Vladimir Putin of Russia addresses a crowd in Moscow as the war anniversary draws near. The US president compared his current visit to Warsaw to his previous one when concerns about how Washington and its allies would react to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were present. He claimed the solution was now apparent.

“The autocrat’s appetites cannot be satiated. Before hundreds of Poles waving flags and various diplomats gathered at the Royal Castle complex here, Mr. Biden declared they must be opposed. Russia will never triumph in Ukraine. Never,” Mr. Biden remarked, hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that his country would never lose a war.

After making a perilous and dramatic stop in Kyiv on Monday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and tour the city amidst air raid sirens, Mr. Biden gave his speech the following day. Also, Mr. Putin made his national speech just hours prior, in which he blamed the West for the conflict in Ukraine.

About a year had passed since Biden’s previous speech to the castle, which took place “only weeks after Vladimir Putin had launched his murderous campaign on Ukraine.”

“The foundational values that had sustained peace, prosperity, and security on our globe for more than 75 years were in danger of crumbling.”

“The world was preparing for Kiev’s impending collapse a year ago. I’ve recently returned from a trip to Kiev, and I can say that the city is still going strong. Kiev is free, tall, and most importantly, proud to stand.”

He claimed that because of the invasion, the entire globe was put to “a test for the ages.”

Duda called Biden’s visit “amazing” and said it had lifted the spirits of soldiers fighting for Ukraine. The visit, according to him, is “a sign that the free world, and its greatest leader, the president of the United States, stands behind them.”

Although the White House had confirmed the two-day visit to Poland earlier in the month, the Kyiv stop came as a surprise.

Poland wants more US military personnel stationed there.

In an interview with US channel CBS on Sunday, Mateusz Morawiecki, the prime minister of Poland, stated, “We are in the process of negotiation with President Biden’s administration about making their [troop] presence more permanent and increasing them.”

Image: CNN

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