Chinese leader calls for peace talks with Ukraine but does not condemn Russia’s war

Chinese leader Xi Jinping reiterated Beijing’s position on the need for peace talks to end the war in Ukraine during the G20 summit in Bali. It is reported by CNN.

“Xi Jinping stressed that China’s position on the Ukrainian crisis is clear and consistent, he advocates a ceasefire, an end to the war and peace talks,” – the report on the bilateral meeting of the Chinese leader with French President Emmanuel Macron, published by the state television company CCTV, reads.

At the same time, Xi Jinping again did not condemn Russia’s military invasion in Ukraine.

Although China has consistently called for an end to hostilities in Ukraine, it has refused to condemn Russia’s invasion. Instead, Beijing called for recognition of the “legitimate security interests of all parties”, while blaming the conflict on the United States and NATO.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly at a special session adopted a resolution calling on Russia to compensate for the damage caused by the full-scale aggression.

At the same time, China was among 14 countries together with Russia that voted against the resolution.

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