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During a conference in Iceland on the Arctic, a dispute arose between the chairman of the NATO Military Committee and the Chinese ambassador. The reason was the Russia’s war against Ukraine, Bloomberg reported.

The reason for the argue between Admiral Rob Bauer and the Chinese Ambassador to Iceland He Rulong was Beijing’s position on the war in Ukraine. The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee reproached the diplomat for China’s failure to condemn the Russian invasion.

After the conflict, the admiral and the diplomat shook hands
During his speech, Rob Bauer emphasized NATO’s role in the Arctic region and said that China does not share the values of the Alliance.

In response, the Chinese ambassador to Iceland said that the admiral’s words were arrogant. In response, Bauer mentioned China’s official position on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“I have a question for you because you emphasize the principle of sovereignty and the importance of internationally recognized borders in the world. I am right, am I not? Yes So why is it possible then that China has not yet condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine?”, the admiral asked.

In response, He Rulong said that the world should understand the root cause of the war, and China’s view on the “Ukrainian crisis” has a historical perspective. Then the diplomat said that China is allegedly a peacemaker, which caused laughter in the hall.

After the conference, a photo of Bauer and Rulong shaking hands with a caption was published on its official page: “It’s always good to shake hands after exchanging views in front of 2000 people.”

China’s position on the Russia’s war agaist Ukraine

The position of the official Beijing on the war in Ukraine is quite ambiguous – China has not declared direct support for Ukraine or Russia, and calls the events in our country not a war or even a conflict, but a “crisis”. China abstains from voting in the UN on certain issues related to Ukraine. For example, this was the case during the General Assembly’s voting for the resolution on Ukraine. Beijing, commenting on the war, has repeatedly spoken about the need for peaceful settlement and negotiations.

After Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine on October 10, the Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized Russia’s actions, stressing that every country deserves respect for its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Nevertheless, the Chinese foreign ministry continues to insist on a peaceful settlement, and Russia’s war against Ukraine has not been condemned.

After the devastating missile attacks throughout Ukraine, India and China, two nations that have provided Russia with some relief from Western sanctions, expressed concern and reaffirmed their calls for de-escalation and dialogue.

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