EU demands that Russia be held criminally responsible for environmental harm in Ukraine

In a statement posted on the Committee’s website on May 5, the European Economic and Social Committee urged the European Union to hold Russia accountable for the crime of ecocide committed during the invasion of Ukraine.

The Committee urged the bloc to examine and document the environmental effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at its April plenary to support an environmentally just post-war recovery.

“The European Economic and Social Committee, together with the European Parliament, calls for the recognition of ecocide as a criminal offence under EU law,” the statement reads.

“The EESC believes that this would help hold Russia accountable for its actions in Ukraine and prevent similar environmental disasters from happening in the future.”

The EU committee claims that because of Russian aggression, significant tracts of wood have been destroyed, and there has also been pollution of the air and water. Additionally, it mentions that 35% of Europe’s biodiversity is found in Ukraine.

Photo by lev Radin

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