France and India seek talks solution to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine

India and France are preparing to create a peace plan that they claim will be distinct from previous approaches to find a negotiated resolution to the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine, according to a report in the French newspaper Le Monde.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled to Paris for a two-day visit at Emmanuel Macron’s invitation. The two leaders discussed military and economic cooperation between the countries, but also issues affecting global security and stability.

India to draft a peace plan

Modi and Macron talked about how to end Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. The Indian prime minister stated that his nation wishes to resolve the situation diplomatically.

According to the media, Macron urged Modi to make his plans known globally. To find a peaceful resolution to Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, Modi instructed his subordinates to draft a peace plan.

“We believe all such issues should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy. India is ready to contribute to lasting peace,” said Modi, standing alongside Macron.

India has refrained from condemning Russia over its war

Macron stated that he wanted the two nations to work together to address “global challenges”. French President shared concerns about the “fragmentation of the international community” over Russia’s war on Ukraine.

According to Le Monde, France considers India, which has refrained from condemning Russia over its aggressive war against neighbouring sovereign country, as “an essential partner in the search for a lasting solution.”

However, the publication highlights that although the Indian prime minister and his country are in favour of a diplomatic path to resolving the war, they are unlikely to agree to act as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine. Talking to Putin, wanted by the International Criminal Court, is probably too toxic even for so-called neutral countries.

Le Monde said that the proposal to be put forth by the Indian government might differ from the previously proposed peace initiatives of the Chinese government, African countries, and the suggestions of Latin American countries.

Ukraine and the EU promote Ukraine’s Peace Formula

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the best option for resolving the war waged by Russia against his nation would be the peace formula that he proposed at the G20 Summit in Indonesia in November 2022.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission said that the peace formula from Ukraine is the best option for ending the war.

Josep Borrell said that the European Union would continue global contacts to find lasting peace for Ukraine under the principles of the UN Charter.

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France and India – awkward allies on the global stage

Despite several agreements and weapon supply contracts signed between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron, the two nations remain awkward allies. The most significant step is a preliminary Indian accord to buy 26 more Rafale fighter jets and 3 more Scorpene French- and Spanish-made submarines, following a prior deal for 36 Rafales and six Scorpenes.

French President Emmanuel Macron is keen on tightening alliances in the Indo-Pacific against an increasingly assertive China. Paris unveiled a “roadmap” with India for collaboration in the Indo-Pacific region.

While Modi promised peace efforts in Ukraine to end Russia’s war, India increased imports of sanctioned Russian oil. At the same time, France is boosting weapons supplies to Ukraine for its counteroffensive against Russian invaders.

France will join Britain in supplying Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, which can travel 250 km, a move that allows the Ukrainian army to hit Russian troops and strike strategic targets deep behind the frontlines. Macron said he had decided to boost military aid to Ukraine to help its counteroffensive as he arrived at the NATO summit in Vilnius.

France works on two modes: diplomatic efforts and more weapons for Ukraine

So, France has intensified efforts in both directions – diplomatic peace initiatives and more weapons support to Ukraine, so the country can defend itself from Russian aggression and conduct its counteroffensive.

Russia has two options: stop violating international law and destabilising the international security paradigm and global stability, or wait for the gradual destruction of its forces in the occupied Ukrainian territories.

The question remains if Indian peace efforts will convince the Kremlin to stop its aggression and withdraw troops from illegally occupied Ukrainian lands.

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