G7 adopted a declaration to judge Russia for war crimes

On November 29, a meeting of the G7 Justice Ministers took place in Berlin. Representatives from Ukraine attended the event too.

The result of the meeting was the adoption of the Berlin Declaration. Moreover, the participating countries agreed on close cooperation to investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine and bring the guilty to justice.

“Putin’s criminal and malicious war against Ukraine”

The G7 discussion of war crimes in Ukraine took place for the first time. The main topic of the meeting was the investigation of crimes of international law committed in Ukraine.

“Putin’s criminal and malicious war against Ukraine sent us into a new era. We oppose historical injustice with unity and determination,” – the German Minister of Justice, Marco Bushman, said.

He noted that it was agreed to coordinate the activities of investigative and prosecutorial bodies. Also, according to the meeting results, it was decided to create a central national contact point for prosecuting international criminals in each state.

Crimes against international law to be persecuted

As the document says, Russia’s war crimes and other crimes should not remain unpunished. The main priority of the G7 countries is persecution for significant crimes against international law.

The agreement’s primary purpose is to bring criminal responsibility to criminals, by the rule of law and due process, to restore justice to victims and victims.

Who will investigate Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine?

Mr. Bushman noted that the trial of crimes in Ukraine would last for years or maybe decades. However, according to him, the partners of Ukraine will be “well prepared and will be lost.”

In addition to Ukraine, the investigation will also be conducted by the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the International Criminal Court, and bodies in other states. According to Bushman, 45 thousand crimes have been documented in Ukraine, and 2 thousand of suspects have been identified.

Russia’s leadership must be brought to court

The German minister stressed that war criminals do not have the right to and will not feel safe wherever they are. He expressed his conviction that, in the end, Russia’s leadership would be brought to court, not just the executors.

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