Germany demands nuclear power be included in the upcoming EU penalties against Russia

According to the economy ministry on Monday (April 17), Germany is pushing for the European Union to include the civilian nuclear sector in its newest round of sanctions against Russia.

On the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union passed the tenth set of sanctions against Russia in February, although this had little immediate impact on the hundreds of millions of euros’ worth of trade with the Russian nuclear power sector.

The federal administration has discussed the inclusion of the civilian nuclear sector with the European Commission. The ministry stated in a statement that this should be included in the upcoming round of sanctions.

Hungary has pledged to oppose any limitations on Russian nuclear power, and the EU as a whole must agree before penalties can be imposed.

According to Economy Minister Robert Habek, it is inexplicable that the nuclear industry continues to receive favorable treatment as a result of the sanctions.

“Nuclear technology is a very delicate field. “‘Business as usual’ can no longer exist,” Habek said to NTV on Saturday.

The ministry acknowledged that it would take time to include the nuclear sector in the upcoming round of penalties, but said that such actions should be taken during interim periods.

But the ministry stressed that “it is important that we start and do not shy away from decisive actions in this area as well.”

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