Germany to host largest air exercise in NATO history

In two weeks, large-scale exercises of NATO air forces will begin in Germany, which will be the largest such manoeuvres in the history of the Alliance.

This was reported by the German newspaper Spiegel.

Photo: DPA

Air Defender 2023 will be led by Germany from June 12 to 23. Almost all manoeuvres – 90% – are planned over the territory of Germany and the coastal zones of the North and Baltic Seas.

About 250 aeroplanes and helicopters will participate in the exercises, including about a hundred from the US Air Force.

German Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhartz noted that the exercises should demonstrate the allies’ readiness to respond quickly if necessary.

According to him, “only isolated manoeuvres” are planned near Russian airspace, and only defensive scenarios will be practised.

“Of course, it would be a provocation to simulate flights towards Kaliningrad. But we will not do that,” he said.

The exercises are planned in close coordination with civilian controllers and Eurocontrol to ensure that the manoeuvres cause minor inconvenience to civil aviation.

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