Germany’s plan for long-term support of Ukraine with artillery ammunition

The German federal government is planning long-term support for Ukraine with artillery ammunition. There are certain agreements with the Rheinmetall arms concern.

It was reported by Spiegel, which quoted its sources.

333,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition by 2029

“The federal government is preparing long-term support for Ukraine with artillery ammunition. At the end of last week, the defence ministry submitted a framework agreement with Rheinmetall for approval by the Bundestag Budget Committee. It provides for up to 333,000 rounds of 155 mm ammunition by 2029 to replenish its stockpiles, as well as the long-term supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with much-needed howitzer ammunition,” the publication said.

According to the documents obtained by the German journalists, the first package of 20,000 shells for Ukraine for the next two years has already been agreed.

“The federal government will bear the cost of almost 60 million euros,” Spiegel notes.

The media outlet points out that Kyiv can order the following aid packages after receiving the first one and discussing it with the federal government.

“The agreement itself also shows that no one in Berlin expects a quick end to the fighting in Ukraine,” the newspaper concludes.

Rheinmetall to sign ammunition deal with Germany worth billions of euros

Recently, German corporation Rheinmetall said it expected to sign a deal with the German government to supply billions of euros worth of ammunition in the coming weeks. 

The company’s CEO, Armin Papperger, told Reuters in an interview. He said the deal between Germany and Rheinmetall would be worth several billion euros.

German shells will be supplied to Ukraine

The shells were manufactured on a new production line installed after Switzerland refused to allow the export of 35mm shells for Gepard to Ukraine.

In 2024, Rheinmetall promises to increase its production of shells to 600,000 from the current 450,000.

Russia’s war in Ukraine and the West’s support for Ukraine’s armaments have significantly boosted production in the EU defence industry. This demand will stimulate the economy of the countries.

On 19 June, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Germany was increasing its capacity to produce and repair weapons for Ukraine.

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