Hacked: Russian watchdog tracks swear words used against Putin

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) monitors the web to find and register curse words used against Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Russian authorities track insults of Putin on social media

Roskomnadzor constantly observes social media for publications and remarks derogatory to Vladimir Putin. The list contains mainly vulgar terms, expressions with a sexual context, and words related to pedophilia.

This was revealed by internal agency documents hacked by a group of Belarusian hackers known as Cyberpartisans.

“Keywords-insults” used by Russians against Putin

There is a document called “Keywords-insults,” a four-page list of obscenity, vulgarity, or confusing terms that, according to the Roskomnadzor, have no place next to Putin’s name or image in internal correspondence, which MediaZone has explored.

According to data made public by Cyberpartisans, Roskomnadzor staff have been working for at least a year on a list of insults directed against Vladimir Putin that may be obtained on the Internet.

On November 29, 2021, a table named “Examples of text violations, insults of the president” shows one hundred spicy quotes from social media: “Putin is a freak, a scumbag, get out of power, asshole,” “Putin is some kind of phenomenal whore,” “Putin is a fuck-up. His friends are bastards. Everyone deserves a trial and a terrible punishment. But I alone can’t do anything about it,” and so on.

A year later, a file labeled “Keywords-insults” appeared in the department’s documentation. It’s in the “Classifier and Applications” zip archive, dated September 14, 2022, with Adyan Borisovich Pataev, mentioned in the “Author” column. 

In 2022, a man with that surname completed his diploma in Business Informatics at the Higher School of Economics in Russia.

Images of the Russian president alongside images/statements implying association with clearly illegal and strongly denounced behaviors (pedophilia). Keywords: pedophile, pedophobia, infanto-sexuality, pedobear, pervert, child molester, rapist, fucker, child lover, child lover.

From hacked document

Mentions of the president in the context of sexual activity. Keywords: fucked, tyrant, faggot, condom, shit, rape, cock.

From hacked document

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Millions spent on neural networks to search for forbidden content online

Roskomnadzor allocated 57.7 million rubles in August 2022 to develop the Oculus system, which will utilize neural networks to search for banned information in words, photographs, and videos on websites, social networks, and messengers.

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Roskomnadzor monitors messages about Putin’s illness

Roskomnadzor monitors insults sent at Vladimir Putin and even messages concerning his health. The documents made public by hackers are dozens of Excel spreadsheets titled “The critical health condition of Russian president Vladimir V. Putin.” Many reports and speculations said that Putin is gravely ill, and his days are numbered.

Since the end of April 2022, Roskomnadzor has been keeping daily records of mentions of Putin’s alleged illnesses found on social networks. Many records contain a link to a video published on YouTube by a user nicknamed “Deceived Russian” under the title “Kids wished Putin to die”. On the 10th of February this video was viewed 1.2 million times. 

Russians’ hatred against Putin mounts

Putin’s disastrous war in Ukraine has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. In this senseless and unprovoked war, innocent Ukrainians are dying, but so are the Russian invaders. In Ukraine, thousands of mobilized Russians have been killed, crippled, or lost limbs.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation is beginning to bear the disastrous consequences of international economic sanctions imposed for the Russian invasion of sovereign Ukraine, the destruction of peaceful cities, and the Russian army’s atrocities. The economic crisis has already struck the Russians, but it is only the beginning.

Putin is cursed in such circumstances in Ukraine, where his war has caused its most suffering and Russia itself. Since the Kremlin is aware of the repercussions of its criminal policy, it is attempting to control the online information space and limit and filter insults of Putin as much as possible.

The reports about Russians supporting Putin, and mothers of soldiers who met the dictator, appeared to be fake and staged.

In the context of monitoring insults against Putin, we’re not talking about the media, which the Kremlin has complete control over, but about social networks and forums. After all, it is there that regular Russians express their anger and hatred toward the despot. That might mean the beginning of Russia’s implosion.

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