Hungary begins to collaborate with Iran, which provides weapons to Russia

The Hungarian Foreign Minister announced the beginning of economic cooperation with Iran. He said that this is necessary for the reintegration of the sanctioned country into the system of international cooperation. Source: Peter Szijjarto’s Facebook.

Szijjarto announced a joint meeting with the Iranian Minister of Economy in Budapest. This is how, in his opinion, their cooperation should begin, which will lead to “normalization of the situation”.

There is a lot of trouble in the world, the last few days we have seen how easily conflicts can get out of control. The threat to global security can be reduced by closing as many conflicts as possible, – the Hungarian minister wrote.

He stated that if Iran could be reintegrated into the system of international partnership, it would be possible to achieve significant progress in stabilizing the whole situation in the Middle East.

Hungary’s pro-Russian position

It is known that the Hungarian government headed by Viktor Orban takes a pro-Russian position. It is this country that blocks the decision to allocate aid to Ukraine from the EU. Among all EU countries, only Hungary has not allocated bilateral macro-financial and military assistance to Ukraine. In addition, it has long blocked the supply of weapons to Ukraine from other countries through its territory.

Iranian drone supply to Russia

Information that Iran provides Russia with kamikaze drones appeared in the summer. The US warned that Iran could supply Russia with attack drones. Later, the US confirmed that the Russians had started training with Iranian drones. Even then, Iran and Russia denied cooperation.

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The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Iran’s provision of weapons to Russia makes it an accomplice to aggression and war crimes on the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba submitted to the President a proposal to break diplomatic relations with Iran. In addition, he called on the EU to impose sanctions against Iran.

On October 20, the European Union approved sanctions against organizations that supply Iranian drones. The United Kingdom also joined the restrictions.

Finally, Ira admitted that it had supplied war drones to Russia but it claimed that it was before the war started. Is this version plausible? We answered in this article.

Iranian advisors spotted in the war in Ukraine

Furthermore, Iran sent its military advisors to instruct Russian troops on how to use its combat drones, according to Ukrainian intelligence. Kyiv stated that the Iranian government also intends to send a new group of advisors to Russia to train Russian troops in the use of Iranian surface-to-surface missiles and a brand-new class of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), called the “Arash-2.” Their deliveries are expected to start soon.

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A group of advisers from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps also left Iran for Dzhankoy, in the occupied Crimea, where they will instruct the Russian invading troops on how to utilize “Shahed-136” and “Mohajer-6” drones to strike Ukrainian cities.

Using Iranian-made drones Russia destroyed important parts of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

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