In Transnistria, Russia’s key interest is the largest weapons warehouse – military expert

The 14th Army of Russia is based on the territory of Moldova, which has been occupied since the 1990s and is blocked there. It does not threaten Ukraine, but it contains a warehouse with ammunition that could be useful to Ukraine.

Oleksiy Hetman, a military expert, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and a major in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told this in an interview with Channel 24. According to him, Russia could be preparing a coup in Moldova to be able to take out ammunition from Transnistria.

Russian troops in Transnistria

Oleksiy Hetman noted that there are about 6,500 Russian troops in the territory occupied by Russia. Of these, 4.5 thousand are service personnel; the remaining 2000 soldiers can still conduct combat operations.

At the same time, the military expert said that the remnants of the Russian army in Transnistria were too demoralized and had almost completely assimilated with the local population. The Russian occupiers also liked Moldovan wine, and it made it possible to exchange it for helpful information about Russian military bases.

Europe’s largest warehouse of weapons

Europe’s largest warehouse of weapons, ammunition, and shells remain there. “Back when there was a group of Soviet troops from Germany, everything in the GDR was taken there,” said Hetman.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces major added that the weapons and ammunition stored in Transnistria are pretty old. Still, they are suitable for the guns used in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Without the possibility of taking away this ammunition, Russia could have planned to overthrow the legitimate government of Moldova to at least temporarily establish control over the country and take away this ammunition.

“It’s not about the territory; it’s about the warehouse,” the military expert noted.

Oleksiy Hetman is convinced that Ukraine does not need to eliminate the enemy group in Transnistria. Still, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for possible provocations from the territories controlled by Russia.

How Russia wants to establish control over Moldova

Ukrainian intelligence has exposed the Kremlin’s plans to overthrow the legitimate government in Moldova. Chisinau confirmed that it received from Kyiv Russia’s plans to take control of Moldova.

The Russians planned to use pro-Russian demonstrations, seize the airport, and engage saboteurs. Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that Russia was planning to carry out a coup d’état through opposition-organized protests by infiltrating military personnel from countries such as Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro.

She claimed that Russia prepared military actions in Moldova with the involvement of saboteurs from Russia, Belarus, and the Balkans. According to Newsmaker, the Moldovan president said this at a special briefing. 

After that, the newly appointed Prime Minister of Moldova, Dorin Recean, said that Transnistria should be demilitarized and Russian troops evacuated.

Russia did not like this statement, so the terrorist country threatened Moldova.

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