Italian Foreign Minister: Putin wants to restore USSR, he will not stop in Ukraine

The West’s mission is to help Ukraine achieve a just peace after the war with Russia, as the Russian president’s goal is to restore the Soviet Union, and he will not stop in Ukraine.

That’s what Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said in an interview with El Pais, commenting Russia-Ukraine war.

“We are helping Ukraine to achieve a just peace. And this will happen thanks to the freedom and the fact that the Russians will leave. The Italian proposal was to start with two things. A free zone around the Zaporizhzhya power plant and stabilisation of the green corridor so that grain can get to African countries and avoid a social and migration catastrophe. These are two goals to start with”.

Antonio Tajani, Italian Foreign Minister

According to the head of Italian diplomacy, Italy’s assistance to Ukraine will not be limited to the military level.

“We will not send planes, but we will help Ukraine to rebuild: now and later, because Ukraine will be part of the European Union,” the minister said.

According to Tayani, all leading states should contribute to the establishment of peace.

“And China as well, because the proposal they made has no positive solutions for Ukraine. It’s good to talk about peace, but if the Russians remain in Ukraine, there can be no agreement,” the minister stressed.

“The defence of Ukraine is the defence of Europe. If the Russians win there, they will start with Moldova. They have already tried it with Georgia. Putin is seeking to restore the Soviet Union,” the minister said.

Italian Defence Minister Guido Crozetto announced in late May that he was preparing another package of military assistance to Ukraine.

Photo credit: agenzianova

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