Italian investigation suspects Kremlin secret services of organizing escape of Russian official’s son from Italy

Italian investigators suspect Russian secret services of organizing the escape from house arrest of businessman Artem Uss, son of Krasnoyarsk Region Governor Alexander Uss.

Uss was allegedly in contact with a “network of accomplices” affiliated with the Russian law enforcement agencies, who were able to “arrange to the smallest detail” the escape of the businessman who made it to the Swiss or Slovenian border.

Earlier, Alexander Uss said he did not know the place of location of his son and the details of the incident connected with him. The politician allowed that Uss Junior, whose extradition to the US was approved by an Italian court, was of interest in a “geopolitical game” and could become a victim to replenish the bail fund.

On 23 March, Artem Uss escaped from house arrest by cutting an electronic bracelet. He is currently wanted by law enforcers.

The businessman was detained in Italy at the US request on October 17 last year. He and five other Russian nationals were charged with sanctions evasion and money laundering by selling oil to sanctioned company PDVSA for Russian and Chinese end users.

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