Kremlin’s honeytrap spies operate in the West, a glamorous KGB spy claims

Russian agents are dispersed throughout the US, and the entire West, according to Aliia Roza, a former member of the Russian intelligence services. A former honeytrap in the US, she now teaches Beverly Hills students top-secret Soviet seduction tactics.

Hundreds of honeytrap agents are working in the West – Aliia Roza

There are hundreds more agents with the same training currently working in the UK, according to former KGB agent Aliia Roza, who made headlines for claiming that her training in honeytraps gave her the ability to make any man fall in love with her. In an interview with the Daily Star, she stated that.

Additionally, she notes that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has gained the confidence of the whole Russian population by employing some of the same psychological trickery. According to Aliia, Putin has cultivated a well-honed persona that has caused the entire Russian population to swoon over him.

According to Aliia, “agents can occasionally reside in other nations, such as America or England, and they’re just like a basic average family.”

She claims that the Russian government thinks it’s crucial to understand what people in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom are thinking.

UK lawmakers have been trapped by prostitutes in a dictatorship

At the same time, the Times reported that while a group of UK lawmakers was visiting a dictatorship country (unnamed), MPs discovered prostitutes loitering in their hotel rooms. There was no indication that the members of parliament hired sex workers or knew they would be waiting for them. 

Fear is increased by a claim that faulty lawmakers are vulnerable to blackmail. In the UK, senior government officials worry about evidence that could be used against those misbehaving, the Times reported.

Honeytrap attacks against the West in a new Cold War

In a piece for INews, Lucy Fisher claims that a new Cold War is attacking Western democracy with honey traps.

Hidden cameras would have likely captured any legislator giving in to temptation, and the tape might have been used to coerce the politician. The gambit looks to have been a straightforward effort at an old-fashioned “honey trap,” and it is evident that a specific host state was behind it.

Russian intelligence target significant politicians in Europe

Russian intelligence services are thought to use honey traps, target decision-makers in the current context of increased tensions between Russia and the West, and obtain kompromat on significant European politicians. They are also capable of developing much more artistic, harder-to-detect approaches.

Politicians in the UK and Europe need to be more aware of the clear dangers posed by honey and the risks associated with their associates, family members, and digital communication professionals.

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