Largest aviation exercise in NATO’s history starts in Germany


The military exercise involves more than 20 partner countries and about 250 aircraft, including F-35 fighters from the US and Dutch air forces, as well as AWACS reconnaissance aircraft, aerial refuelling and transport aircraft from the Japanese Air Force.

The NATO exercise will take place at four locations in Germany, as well as one in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, as reported by Bloomberg reports.

The manoeuvres will test the Air Force’s ability to respond to crises in Europe amid rising tensions with Russia.

The exercise areas will be used for up to four hours a day at different times and will be closed to civilian aircraft during this time.

Commercial flights flying through German airspace will be rerouted and delayed.

The exercise comes at a time when NATO is planning a broader restructuring of its defence.

As a reminder, on 3 June, Baltops 23, the largest exercise in the Baltic Sea this year, started in Tallinn, Estonia, with 50 NATO warships taking part.

In total, about 6,000 naval, land and air force personnel are taking part in Baltops, which is being held for the 52nd time.

Over two weeks, the Allies are practising anti-submarine and air defence, ammunition disposal and medical rescue operations.

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