Moldova’s officials suggest giving up military neutrality because of Russia’s war

Some government representatives in Moldova have argued that the nation should give up its neutral military stance to better protect itself in light of the recent Russian shelling of neighboring Ukraine.

Dorin Recean, a presidential security adviser, stated at a security conference held at the Moldovan Defense Ministry that the nation needs to modify its military neutrality in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“We must realize that our constitution’s requirement of neutrality does not entail that we must be defenseless. Instead, Recean added, “We should be more dedicated to and invest in defending ourselves and being a part of a wider defense infrastructure.

Moldova’s neutral military status is stated in the constitution

Moldova is a militarily neutral nation, as stated in the constitution, and has remained so since 1994. Moldova’s pro-Russian political groups want to keep it that way because they believe that joining NATO will prompt a military reaction from Russia.

Recean made his statement after three Russian-launched missiles struck targets in Ukraine last month while flying through Moldova.

Moldova suffered blackouts due to Russian missile attacks against Ukraine

Due to the intensive bombing of Ukraine, which was hit by 100 missiles on Monday, largely aimed at vital energy facilities, Moldova temporarily lost its power.

“These changes we are currently witnessing inspire us to unite society behind us. Recean appealed that society supports this new demand of the time”.

Russia’s war in Ukraine is felt in Moldova – US ambassador

The Russian missile strikes are yet another instance of the Kremlin’s harsh and inhumane bombing of Ukrainian towns and civilian infrastructure, according to Kent Logsdon, the US ambassador to Chisinau, who spoke at the security conference.

“We saw yesterday that the effect could be felt on this side of the border when we see blackouts around the country. Electricity services were swiftly restored, though, thanks to Moldovan professionals in the area, according to the US envoy.

Germany supports Moldova’s aim to increase its defense capability

Margret Uebber, the German ambassador to Moldova, backed up Recean’s assertion by saying that neutrality does not preclude Moldova from preparing to protect its territory.

Germany supports Moldova’s attempts to increase and reinforce its defense capability by providing military equipment, aiding in the development of military infrastructure, and providing military education and training, according to Uebber.

Last week, several major cities in Moldova, including Chisinau, experienced several hours of complete power outages as a result of Russia’s heavy bombardment of Ukraine.

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