Russia has started destabilizing Moldova and the Balkans

Recently, we have seen massive unrest and protests in many European countries. The Kremlin is planning subversive actions in Moldova and Serbia these days, in particular, to divert attention from the war in Ukraine. 

Moldova prepares for pro-Russian protests in the capital

Moldovan law enforcement agencies say they are looking for troublemakers ahead of a pro-Russian rally in the capital Chisinau scheduled for February 19.

The pro-Russian parties, led by fugitive oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vlad Plahotniuc, are planning protests in downtown Chisinau against the pro-Western government and low living standards as Moldova grapples with several crises, including the war nearby in Ukraine.

Authorities believe that Russian plans to destabilize include mass protests planned by pro-Russian parties, allegedly paid for by a fugitive oligarch.

President Maia Sandu said on Monday: “Due to the violent actions disguised as protests by the so-called opposition, the change of power in Chisinau will be forced.”

“The plan for the next period envisages the actions of saboteurs with military training, camouflaged in civilian clothes, who will carry out violent actions, attacks on some state buildings, and hostage-taking,” Sandu said.

Meanwhile, the leader of the party of fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor on Monday accused Sandu of attempting to usurp power and called for new protests.

Shor called on his followers to unite in a force that will act as one, and “we will force these bastards (the government) to pay people’s bills within three months.”

From August to December, the party organized daily small and weekly large protests in Chisinau demanding the government’s resignation. People from all over Moldova were bused to Chisinau. They blocked the main boulevard and provoked a clash with law enforcement.

Moldovan and Ukrainian intelligence agencies claim that Russia is planning to use saboteurs from abroad to infiltrate the protests in Moldova and attack state institutions.

Such covert operations by Russia in Moldova were reported by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during his visit to Brussels on February 9. Moldova’s intelligence services received similar information from their Ukrainian counterparts.

Serbian right-wingers demand the release of activists threatened with coup d’état

Against the backdrop of massive unrest in Moldova, Russia begins to destabilize Serbia as well 

On Friday, supporters of arrested far-right activists gathered in Belgrade to demand their release ahead of a decision to charge them with attempting to violently overthrow the government.

Dejan Zlatanovic, editor of, leader of the People’s Patrols Damnjan Knezevic, and other arrested far-right activists were behind Wednesday’s protest, titled “Stop Vucic’s Betrayal of Kosovo,” which accused President Aleksandar Vucic of betraying the former province, which nationalists revere as the “cradle” of the Serbian state.

Police found a rifle in one of the protesters’ cars. The charges carry a sentence of six months to eight years in prison. Their case will be decided by the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office.

On Thursday, police also arrested Zlatanovic, editor of, and Knezevic, leader of the People’s Patrols, accusing them of calling on citizens to gather in Belgrade and violently overthrow the government.

Knezevic, in addition to leading a leading anti-migrant organization, is known for organizing pro-Russian rallies over the war in Ukraine and recently visited the Russian paramilitary organization, Wagner.

Thus, we can see that the Kremlin has begun to implement its plans to take over the whole of Europe, and it has begun to do so not only through the war in Ukraine but also through the use of its agents in various European countries.

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