Russia trains 200 thousand new soldiers to attack Kyiv again – General Zaluzhny

According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeriy Zaluzhny, Russians are training about 200 thousand new soldiers. The head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not doubt that they will launch a new offensive on Kyiv again. 

Source: The Economist, interview with General Zaluzhnyi.

“Russia is gathering people and weapons for a new offensive. As early as January, but most likely in the spring, it could launch a major offensive from Donbas in the east, from the south, or even from Belarus”, Zaluzhny said.

Russian troops will seek to push back Ukrainian Armed Forces and may even make a second attempt to capture Kyiv, after their defeat in March-April.

This is the assessment of the head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Army General Valeriy Zaluzhny.

The media reports that General Zaluzhny, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Commander of the Ground Forces General Oleksandr Syrskyy warned of the critical few months ahead.

“Russian mobilization has worked. It is not true that their problems are so terrible that these people will not fight. They will fight. The tsar tells them to go to war, and they go to war”, Zaluzhny said.

“I studied the history of the two Chechen wars – everything was the same. They may not be so well equipped, but they still pose a problem for us. According to our estimates, they have a reserve of 1.2-1.5 million people…”

“Russians are training about 200 thousand new soldiers. I do not doubt that they will march on Kyiv again”, Zaluzhny stated.

According to the Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief, Russians are preparing new resources beyond the Urals, just like during the Second World War.

The full interview with General Zaluzhny is available on the Economist website.

1 thought on “Russia trains 200 thousand new soldiers to attack Kyiv again – General Zaluzhny”

  1. At 200,000, the obvious but undisclosed strategy is how to terminate fuel, weapons and food through the entire supply line. Terminating military humans en masse is now a honed skill.
    So far, Ukraine has for the most part kept its finger off the missile source destruction button.
    Sinking all missile capable surface ships within firing range will be a minor aside. Sinking submarines we can assume is a card up the West’s sleeve.
    Interesting to me is how Russia attempts to keep its planes well away from UA’s abililty to attack them. The point is the missiles are stored closer to UA. There were 64 moved from Belarus to I believe the Donbas area. Tracking those missiles for their separate termination turns the planes into hobby toys, with nothing serious to launch.
    Lastly, we all know the weapons in UA hands are not leading edge, but the lagging side of the leading edge. The Patriot System dwarfs all that Russia can mount. It still is an earth based weapon. The leading edge of AI is the real game. UA humans have little reason to be at risk. AI via satellite, via drones at all heights and sophistications should easily fold into supercomputer power, to help UA “point and shoot”.
    If China supplies arms, the above needs to be rethought to be an effective foe against the only major superpower challenging the democracies in conflict with the autocratic way of doing politics.

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