Russians brought Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps instructors to Ukraine – ISW

Russians are attacking Ukraine with Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones. A report was published saying that in order to instruct its military how to use drones, the Russian army has deployed Iranian special servicemen to the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Iranian instructors deployed in the south of Ukraine – CNRU report

The Center of National Resistance of Ukraine has reported that Russians brought Iranian instructors to the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson region and Crimea to launch Shahed-136 kamikaze drones.

According to this report, the Iranian instructors were brought by Russian forces to Dzankoi in Crimea, Zalizniy Port, and Hladivtsi in Kherson Oblast to train Russian soldiers in the use of Shahed-136 attack drones. According to the Resistance Center, drone attacks against Ukrainian civilian targets, including those in the oblasts of Mykolaiv and Odesa, are directly under the command of Iranian instructors.  

Iranian instructors teach Russians how to use their drones – report

The Institute of the Study of War reports that the main task of Iranian instructors is to teach Russians how to use kamikaze drones. These Iranian instructors are probably members of the IRGC or persons linked with the IRGC since the IRGC is known to be the main operator of Iran’s drone inventory. They reportedly helped Russians to control the launch of drones at Ukrainian civilian targets, including strikes on Mykolaiv and Odessa in the South of Ukraine.

It should be noted that Iran officially denies supplying Russia with drones, which it actively uses in the war, attacking Ukraine. But, as a Ukrainian source reports, Iran helps the invaders not only with equipment, but also with personnel.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is an armed formation in Iran. According to the Constitution of the country, it works in parallel with the Armed Forces of Iran and is responsible for “the protection of the Islamic Revolution and its achievements”.

The IRGC includes: air force, ground forces, special operations forces “Al-Quds”, navy and paramilitary people’s militia “Basij”.

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