Russians, with the support of the Belarusian KGB, are preparing for an anti-Ukrainian campaign in Poland

An action in support of the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will be held in Warsaw under the guise of protesting against the war.

Kremlin propagandists want to prevent the Poles from helping the Ukrainians and prevent the delivery of weapons to protect Ukrainian territory from the occupying forces.

The Polish Monitoring Center for Racism and Xenophobia (OMZRiK) has issued a warning.

Pro-Russian activists from the far-right group “Kamractwo” (“Society”), backed by the Belarusian KGB, supported the Putin regime under the guise of anti-war demonstrations. Organizers of the event said they worked on promotional materials.

Under the guise of anti-war rhetoric, Marcin Osadowski, a member of the pro-Russian association, published propaganda praising and exonerating the crimes of the Putin regime.

Osadowski produced a propaganda video targeting Poles, portraying Russian occupying forces as the “liberators” of Ukraine to prevent Polish citizens from helping Ukrainians. The propagandists will also promote the Kremlin’s claims about arms supplies to Ukraine to disrupt their supply to Kyiv.

Osadowsky’s spot uses materials from the logo of the Russian TV REN.

Images from the war-damaged Ukraine are being broadcast, and the speaker in Polish is calling not to prolong this war”, he states that “by sending weapons and soldiers to the area of conflict we will only prolong the horror of this war”. The reader with an Eastern accent talks about “Nazi Ukrainians“, murdering “poor Russians”, wounded children are shown, crying mothers, graves, destroyed cities, repeated appeals not to support fighting Ukraine, but helping “brothers Russia” name”.

OMZRiK wrote: “Organizers have assured on social networks that the march will be anti-Ukrainian and that its purpose is to stir up hatred of Ukrainian blood in Polish society, which should prevent Poles from helping Ukraine.”

The parade is scheduled for the afternoon of January 21 in the Polish capital. Information about the upcoming march has been provided to the Mayor of Warsaw, the police, and the Polish Internal Security Service.

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