Russia’s military propaganda in Paris

–°onference to mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad during the Second World War is planned for 2 February 2023 at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Paris. Undoubtedly, remembering the Second World War is an important reminder of the mistakes of the past and preventing them in the future. However, as we have written before, Russia is always using a wide range of tools, including propaganda through culture.

Conference participants

The conference organizers say that the program will include first-hand accounts of real-life war events and memories of descendants, in particular the grandson of Marshal Chuikov.

What the grandson can tell about the “glorified Marshal”, if in the memoirs of the Soviet soldiers he was called “Marshal – the executioner”

“This general enjoys a particularly bad reputation among officers and soldiers; he is a typical freak and autocrat, who has shown himself to be a master of scuffling his subordinates.
He is the one who has personally beaten division commanders, and chiefs of staff, he is the one who personally shot several good officers during the war just because he did not like something, or he was in a bad mood, or he was answered in the wrong way, reported in the wrong way.”
Nikolai Chuikov

Information on Marshal Chuikov’s own grandson, a participant in the conference in Paris. Nikolai Chuikov is a prime example of transformation, a hybrid of Soviet and neo-imperialism. He is the founder of the Chuikov Fund.

The Foundation, and personally Mr. Nikolai, is engaged in propaganda and the inflammation of military sentiment among Russian youth, ostensibly through stories of their ancestors’ heroic past and tales of how they could repeat the march on Berlin and even Paris. Conferences organized by the Chuikov Foundation are attended by members of the Russian military and intelligence community.

Propaganda center in Paris

Our publication has repeatedly written about Russian intelligence capabilities in Europe. Their technical intelligence methods and the power of Russia’s propaganda inside the European Union. All these factors are forcing us to look more and more closely at the favorites of the Russian lobby in Europe. 

And branches of the GRU (Russian Intelligence), such as the Centre for Russian Culture and Science in Paris, pose an ever greater threat to unsuspecting Parisians.

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