Soloviev speaks through the mouth of Orsini

The pro-Russian political scientist, who speaks as an expert on the state TV channel of Italy, was disgraced by new controversial statements. 

Alessandro Orsini, who practically repeats the narratives of the Kremlin propaganda in the Cartabianca program on Rai 3, commented on the threat of World War 3 due to tanks being provided to Ukraine.

Support for Russian propaganda narratives

Throughout the time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Italian professor repeats the narratives of Moscow. One of these narratives is that it is not Russia to blame for the war but Ukraine and the West. But such a claim is unsupported and contradicts Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an independent state.

In the TV program, Alessandro Orsini stated that Europe is preparing for the third world war. “I think we have taken a step forward to the beginning of the third world war,” he said.

You can also often hear from him that the Russian army is powerful and that Europe should understand this and be afraid of it. This is a typical narrative of the Moscow propaganda, which is repeating its mantra about reaching Berlin, but in fact, it cannot take the settlement of Bakhmut for months.

Mr. Orsini also said that Putin, having signed a decree on increasing the size of the Russian Armed Forces, which entered into force in 2023 with one and a half million soldiers plus 6,000 nuclear warheads, has sufficient strength to withstand a third world war with NATO.

Such statements aim to intimidate and force the West to negotiate with the Kremlin and agree to Russia’s predatory wishes and demands. After that, they were told that no single European state could resist the war with Russia.

Blatant disinformation

Blame-shifting is typical Moscow propaganda behavior. There would be no war if there were no Russian tanks and troops on Ukrainian soil. Therefore, driving the Russians out of Ukraine is the only way to stop the fight. And this requires the support of the West and the transfer of tanks to Ukraine.

The “expert” commented on the supply of Leopard tanks from Berlin and Abrams from the USA: “Now these tanks will shoot not only at Russian soldiers but also at Ukrainian houses,” as if quoting Soloviev himself. However, the war was brought to Ukraine by Russian tanks, missiles, and troops. Ukraine needs Western tanks for defense.

Throughout the program, he tried as much as possible to show the audience that Russia is a solid and invincible country, that you only need to talk to it and not use force, and that Europe and the White House are to blame for the war going on.

Fake claims

The most ardent propagandists of the Kremlin, like Skabeeva and Soloviev, have repeatedly stated that the Russian army can capture Ukraine in just a couple of days. 

But on the battleground, we see the bogged-down offensive of the Russian invaders who, for almost one year, have suffered catastrophic losses in people and equipment, as well as the loss of most of the occupied territories. However, the same myth is spread by Orsini, who said that Russian army has no equal in Europe.

Alessandro Orsini tries to convince audiences in Italy that Europe, that Europe and particularly Italy, is weak and not ready for war, that the supply of weapons to Ukraine endangers all of NATO, and only prolongs the war.

The narrative that supposedly Ukraine and NATO oppose peace talks is also a Russian fake, which the professor is also trying to promote in his statements.

And, of course, he did not forget to mention the White House, which allegedly dictates its rules to Ukraine, which is what the Kremlin’s propagandists love to talk about.

As for nuclear weapons, intimidation and blackmail by Moscow and its agents of influence is no longer something new; nuclear weapons still allow Russia to speak, but no more.

One question remains: how did this dubious expert, who spreads  Kremlin propaganda, end up on Italy’s state television program?

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