The NATO Parliamentary Assembly sees the Russian regime as Nazi

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly, a forum that brings together 269 legislators from 31 NATO member countries, has urged the governments of NATO member nations to publicly declare support to Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance at the upcoming summit in Vilnius and to come to an agreement on next specific measures. This news was broken by Yehor Cherniev, the leader of Ukraine’s permanent delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Ukraine is one of eleven non-NATO counties that have an associate (non-voting) status at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

“At the Assembly meeting in Luxembourg, we were successful in getting a very forceful statement adopted, which will have significant political ramifications. This is a diplomatic triumph for us. All of our major requests for the declaration’s final text have been taken into consideration,” according to Cherniev. The accepted proclamation, in his words, “supports an international tribunal, assistance to Ukraine before and after victory, condemnation of the ideology of Russian Nazism, restoration of territorial integrity, sanctions, reparations, the Marshall Plan, and much more.”

Micha Szczerba, a member of the Polish parliament and vice president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, wrote the declaration and assisted the Ukrainian side in making their views heard, according to Cherniev. “The groundwork has been done for the NATO meeting in Vilnius. Members of the Alliance countries’ parliaments voiced their opinions.” The leader of the permanent mission of Ukraine summed it up: “Now it’s up to the governments.”

Recall that the coalition meeting for setting up a special court for the Russian Federation’s leadership took place at the beginning of May. Representatives from the coalition’s 37 member states were present at the summit, which was presided over by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Genocide conducted by Hitler in Europe 70 years ago, returned to Europe in the 21st century. The UN sees the forced deportation of children from the Russia-occupied territory as a war crime. This forced deportation is so pervasive that amounts to genocide.

The perverse nature of the Russian war and its fake reasons are apalling. A few days after the full-scale invasion Russia claimed that it did so to prevent a genocide. Slowly but steadily chickens come home to roost for the Kremlin regime.

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