The trial of a Russian agent in Germany has been postponed, but now she could face a longer prison term.

As previously reported, a court hearing was scheduled for March 29 in the German city of Cologne for pro-Putin and pro-Russian activist Olena Kolbasnikova. The charges against Kolbasnikova include war propaganda and open support for Russia’s aggression.

Due to her approval of an aggressive attack against Ukraine on May 8, 2022, during a pro-Russian demonstration, Kolbasnikova is charged under Article 140 of the German Criminal Code. She could spend three years behind bars or pay a fine.

Kolbasnikova is one of the organizers of pro-Russian demonstrations in Germany and works with regional right-wing extremist politicians in this capacity. She addressed the attendees of the car rally held in honor of the next anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender on May 8, 2022, along with Markus Beisicht, a former member of the anti-immigrant ProNRW party. Eventually, more than a thousand activists gathered in cars near one of the lakes flying the Russian and Soviet flags before departing for the Soviet monument in Cologne. 

At that rally, Kolbasnikova made a statement that had been approved and supported by Russian illegal aggression:

“Russia is not an aggressor. Russia is helping to end the war in Ukraine,” Kolbasnikova said.

That’s why she was supposed to be in the judgment dock at the Cologne District Court on Wednesday, but, according to BILD, the trial was postponed. As a preventive measure, Kolbasnikova brought some other Putin sympathizers with her as support, including the far-right politician Markus Beisicht again. As counter-demonstrators appeared at the same time outside the court building, the police were forced to intervene.

New investigation

Earlier in the week, the police had already visited Kolbasnikova on another occasion. On Monday, investigators came to her home to search it. Together with her husband, she allegedly advertised a group of sanctioned mercenaries from the Russian private military company Wagner on social media and used the Russian military symbol “Z”.

In addition, during a trip to the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine, she transferred military supplies to the Russian army, including tents and radios. Again, Kolbasnikova provided evidence herself when she published photos from her trip to Donbas.

If found guilty, she now faces up to five years in prison.

Photo: Patric Fouad
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