Turn off the heat, water and light in the houses of Russian diplomates in Prague proposal

The Czech project “Gift for Putin” published a petition in which it is proposed to cut off the power supply to residential buildings in the country, which are owned by the Russian Federation. As Novinky.cz journalists report. This gesture would be a kind of answer on the systematic destruction of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure by the Russian occupiers.

It is noted that Russia, having used the tactics of destroying critical infrastructure, has clearly decided to break Ukrainians with darkness and cold. Therefore, based on higher moral principles, the project “Gift for Putin” asked the relevant public and private suppliers to “give the Russian diplomats in Prague a taste of their own pill.”

“We demand that all buildings belonging to the Russian Federation be disconnected from gas, water and electricity,” the text of the petition reads.

The authors of the petition emphasized that missile strikes on Ukraine have a catastrophic and daily impact on the lives of the civilian population. Not only apartments, schools and kindergartens, shops and manufacturing enterprises, but also various medical institutions remained without electricity and water.

In the article, the journalists also posted a questionnaire asking whether users would agree to turn off the electricity in the Russian embassy in response to Russian attacks. At the time of this publication, 82.6% of respondents answered positively, 16.5% answered negatively, and less than one percent were undecided.

Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal reported on November 29 about the difficult situation in the Ukrainian energy system. According to him, all regions of the country are fixed to a certain extend, so the state has the opportunity to provide electricity to household consumers for 5-6 hours a day.
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