Israeli missiles destroy Iranian military cargo in Syria – media

According to SOHR sources, at least four Israeli missiles have struck the southwest Rif Dimashq region near Damascus Airport. Loud explosions have also been heard in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood and close to Damascus Airport. 

At the same time, Syrian air defenses in the Ma’raba region tried to block the Israeli missiles. But no casualties have been indicated thus far.

Israeli missiles hit targets near Damascus Airport

Israel has not officially commented on the accusations. At the same time, the SANA news agency, controlled by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, reported that Syrian air defense systems allegedly shot down some of the missiles.

The Turkish Anadolu Agency also informs that Israel has carried out air strikes on the objects of the Assad regime. The agency stressed that in the vicinity of Damascus there are military facilities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Lebanese military group “Hezbollah”.

Iranian drones for Russia could have been destroyed

The target of Israel could be a valuable cargo of its ally Iran. Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that “unknown” air forces bombed an airfield in Damascus with cargo IL-76, which belonged to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. It is reported that the planes were to deliver important cargo to some “ally” of Iran.

Earlier, media reported that Iranian-made drones are delivered to Russia, who is using them in the war against Ukraine and bombards civilian infrastructure. Fighters of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reportedly, were deployed to occupied Ukrainian territories to instruct Russian troops on how to use Iranian-made drones.

It all leads up to a conclusion, that Iranian drones for Russia could have been destroyed in Syria by Israeli airstrikes. 

Israel launched 28 attacks on Syria in 2022

On October 24, SOHR sources revealed that an air defense unit in the Khirbet Al-Shayab area of Al-Kiswa in Rif Dimashq and the Dimas airport in Rif Dimashq, which is directly controlled by Lebanese Hezbollah, were the targets of Israeli airstrikes that hit Syrian territory on Monday afternoon.

The Israeli bombing, according to Syrian Observatory sources, left one officer dead, three members of the regime’s air defense injured, and material damage in the targeted regions.

New information about the recent Israeli attack that struck Syrian land on October 21 was made public a day earlier by SOHR representatives.

According to SOHR sources, Israeli missiles specifically targeted the military logistics and equipment needed to construct Iranian-made drones at the Dimas military airport area in western Rif Dimashq and destroyed it. The airport’s airstrip and radar were also targeted.

Israeli missiles launched three days earlier struck the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport as well as a nearby area where an air defense battery and equipment used by the regime’s air force were targeted.

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