Russians arrested in Norway for trying to photograph military facilities

In Norway, there are reports about the detention of two individuals with Russian passports in Nordland, the TV2 channel reported.

The Kremlin sends its spies to all corners of the world, including Norway. Previously, Russians have already been detained on the territory of the Scandinavian state, suspected of espionage.

Russians launched drones in Norway

In the Norwegian city of Nordland, security forces arrested two people with Russian passports near military facilities. Probably, the men wanted to take pictures of state-owned enterprises with the help of drones.

The police reported that they took the Russians into custody in the north of the Norwegian city. They are charged with illegal photography. The case will later be considered by the court and the relevant law enforcement agencies. This was stated by police prosecutor and head of the Nordland prosecutor’s office Steffen Ravnosen in a comment to reporters.

Russians being detained in Norway has become usual

Recently, the media reported that Norwegian patrols detained a man who may be the son of one of Putin’s associates. It is not known for sure who it is, but the detainee may be the son of the former head of the Russian railway Vladimir Yakovenko. He is one of the founders of the dacha cooperative “Ozero”, which is closely associated with Putin.

Most of the arrests take place in the north of Norway. Russian citizens deny their guilt and claim that they are just “tourists”.

However, the Norwegian authorities do not believe these claims, and on the contrary – strengthen the vigilance regime. The police do not dismiss the fact that Russia may be sending its spies to the country to get information on military, oil and gas facilities.

Norway is one of the largest exporters of gas and oil to Europe and competes with Russia in this market. At the same time, due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, its energy exports to Europe dropped. And soon, an embargo on Russian oil exports will come into force. So, world markets do not see Russia as a reliable gas and oil exporter.

Suspicious drone flights and Russian church’s real estate in Norway

Also, Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store blamed “foreign intelligence” services for being responsible for a recent spate of “unacceptable” drone flights in the country, indirectly accusing Russia.

Norway was also worried by another Russian interference. Recently, local media reported that representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church are buying houses overlooking Norwegian military bases. There are suspicions, Russia even uses priests as spies.

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